Los niños y niñas del Grupo Scout San Agustín MSC (Madrid, España) han realizado esta canción para concienciar al mundo sobre los problemas que tienen los pececitos  para sobrevivir y remontar el río donde nacieron:

Yeah, you know that I´ve been swimming here for a while. I have to reach the river today.And, my instinct is already calling me, show me the way that I  must go.

You, help me, I am just an animal. I am arriving but where is my path?Just the thought of it accelerates my pulse.
It´s already harder than usual. With my strength I can´t no more. This is already too hard for me.

Slowly. I go swimming very slowly.I am only a small fish and the put to many obstacles.
Quickly. I need to go quicker.I have to lay all my eggs and my prevent the extinction of fishes.
Up, up, up.

I have to jump waterfalls and swim upstream.Don´t let them eat me, or the nets catch me.I have to reach home safe and sound, so that next year my children can do the same thing.
From river to sea, anadromous.From sea to river, catadromus.Fresh, potamodromus.Salty, oceanodromus.During migration you know my tail fin goes, splash splash.We don´t want predators going nam nam.But you should know that we are in danger, if we stop swimming we could die.Excessive fishing and environmental problems, even though we are many, we are not immortal.

Slow-slowly.Rela-relaxed.I follow the current, little by little.And my skill, it is not laziness. I have to swim to reach my goal.

Quick-quicklyThis is my cycle, from the sea to the river, it is not easy.I cannot stop, I have to hurry.Being a little fish is very complicated.

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